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It seems clear that the great free diver Natalia Molchanova is dead. She was diving last Saturday off the coast of Spain, giving lessons to a rich Russian, when she made a dive of her own and didn’t return. She was almost surely the greatest diver in the history of her sport, which, as mentioned in The New Yorker in 2009, is sometimes described as the world’s second most dangerous activity, after jumping off skyscrapers with parachutes.


Molchanova’s technique for concentration was based on a procedure she called attention deconcentration. She said it came from ancient warriors and was used by samurai, and that in Russia it had been adapted and developed for people who held very boring jobs. It involved moving one’s attention to the periphery of one’s awareness, against the imperative of the eye, which is trained to focus. It was a form of meditation. As one advanced into it, the left cerebral hemisphere, which deals with words, grew quiet. This allowed parts of the mind and body more resistant to the frightening stresses of free diving to take over. When she dove, she said she felt as if she had a melody in her head that kept her focussed, “but otherwise I am completely not in my mind.”

R.I.P. Natalia Molchanova.

From watching the focus of their eyes, I suspect Valentina and some russians might use this.

Couldn't say for certain though.


Anyways if people are having success competing in MMA.

I hope people realize it is partly due to there being secret techniques people don't know about.

There is a science and info side to things most aren't aware exists.
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