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The Fun Police
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What's up guys!? I'm gonna do a weekly blog for this year while I'm locked up. Just want to keep y'all posted and give you some insight on what it's like here for me. When I first got here I was told I was gonna be kept in segregation to pretect myself since I'm a "celebrity." I told them NO WAY! 23 hours a day lockdown? **** THAT! So they stuck me in the "mainline." They classified me a 5 on a scale 1-6 so I'm with the big dogs. Everyone here has been to prison. Few guys in my unit are murderers waiting to be shipped out to prison for life. Funny, kinda odd, but they are the most friendly of the bunch... Most intelligent too. Hardest thing about this place is finding people you can have a decent conversation with.

So when you first get here you learn the rules, jail politics. You got the Whites, the Mexicans, and the Blacks + others. Whites and Mex share tables for recreation but you only eat show at your designated race's table. You never sit at the Blacks table and vice-versa, but you can talk to them here in County Jail. If a Mex or White fights a Black, all the Mex and Whites are required to jump in. One on one fights are only allowed against your own race and take place in an empty cell. I think it's dumb. I'm not trying to fight anyone and can care less abotu who fights who. I hope no big rumbles happen... I can't afford more trouble. Buttt if you don't help, you get jumped afterwards. Maybe I'll just throw body shots and leg kicks so I don't hurt anyone... Anyway so far all is well.

I'm bored a lot, just been reading and working out to stay busy. All the guys here are cool to me, I get a lot of questions about fighting. Seems everyone wants to learn some "moves." I wish we could train here, would make it way more fun... lol. So yeah, anyway I don't see anyone ******* with ME... Only way BS goes down is if I get drug into someone elses lame drama. Well that is that! Week 1 in a nut shell. Look forward to keeping you guys updated. Can't wait to get out and fight for all my fans again! Can't wait to open my gym in Austin! Thanks for standing by me. If you go to sdsheriff.net you can e-mail me. Booking # 10754342 Jon Koppenhaver.



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As wikipedia puts it:
On 28th of November, War Machine was reported to what witnesses have said, "gone crazy" at a porn actress' birthday party. He attacked several people and ran off before the police came. Here is what he said about the situation on his Twitter.

"****...last night was NOT good...lil' misunderstanding and then WM was back in effect and the bodies hit the floor. I'm fucked...Pretty sure my porn days are over. Prolly be going to jail too...when they find me...haha!"[17]

On December 1, Las Vegas Police Department issued a warrant out for his arrest.[18]

On March 31, 2010, he was again arrested in San Diego, California under suspiscion of assault with a deadly weapon after a confrontation at a Pacific Beach bar.[19] It was reported that officers had to place a bag over his head to keep him from spitting at them."

Warmachine responded by way of his Twitter account saying: "Why the spit bag? **** if I know!?? I never spit! lol...they just put it on to be dicks and/or disguise who I was...??
Pretty cool he's posting updates from in there, could be entertaining :p

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what state is he in?

He sounds like an airhead.
His head isn't full of air, its full of crazyness. :thumb02:

Dude is such a whack job, he is always a stone throw away from a murder suicide spree, I'm pretty sure he actually said once that "if he has to go down he isn't going alone" or something along those lines.

Love him purely for entertainment purposes, you couldn't write that stuff.
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