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Good call there, Mo. Caraiso by UD:

Round 1
Cariaso comes out throwing kick after kick. He goes high twice and misses both. He lands to the body and the legs but Rebello answers with leg kicks of his own. Rebello tries to take the bout to the mat and is stopped. He shoots again and elevates Cariaso and slams him to the canvas. Rebello lands some punches after standing in Cariaso's guard but loses the position when his opponent scrambles to his feet. Rebello sinks him again by pulling his legs out but he can't keep him down. Cariaso knees his way off the cage and pistons a couple lefts down the pipe before throwing a high kick that is caught. Rebello tries to put him back down and Cariaso maintains his balance. Rebello hits a takedown at the bell and locks up the round on the Sherdog card 10-9.

Round 2
Rebello lifts Cariaso into the air once again and plants him hard to the floor. The Amercan Top Team product tries to pass but gets tangled up in an omoplata and has to roll to his back to escape. Cariaso, now on top, works the ground and pound while Rebello looks for a kimura. Rebello uses the hold to get back to his feet and immediately shoots for the takedown. He has to work hard for it along the cage but eventually gets it. Cariaso sweeps him quickly and settles into his guard. Sherdog scores the close round 10-9 Cariaso by the thinnest of margins.

Round 3
Cariaso lands four unanswered kick, three to the legs and one to the body before Rebello does anything. The next leg kick prompts a nice left hand counter. Rebello misses a big left and Cariaso counters with a three piece that sends him reeling. Rebello throws another looping haymaker that Cariaso easily dodges and he makes Rebello pay with another big salvo of punches. A hard left to the crown of his head and a big uppercut doing the damage. Cariaso pursues a retreating Rebello and batters him along the cage. Cariaso lands a hard left kick to the neck of Rebello that forces him to pull guard. Rebello is totally defensive as Cariaso unloads. He backs out of the guard and stalks Rebello up to the bell. Sherdog scores the round 10-8 for Cariaso.

Official scores: 30-26 and 29-28 (twice) for Cariaso, the winner of a unanimous decision.
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