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Sure was, Wineland with the 2nd round tko:

Round 1 - Referee Jerin Valel in charge of the evening's first televised contest. Wineland takes the center early, but Campuzano throws the first jabs. Campuzano scores with a pair of early low kicks. Both fighters look quick early as they feel out the range. Wineland working in jabs as well, but Campuzano continues with the low kicks. Wineland now returns the favor. Wineland targets the body. He then catches a Campuzano kick and lands a stiff right. Wineland moving well, but Campuzano finds a jab and another low kick. Campuzano misses with a high kick. Two minutes remain. Wineland lands another counter, and he scores with a kick to the body. Campuzano lands again with an outside leg kick low. Wineland connects with a right that drops Campuzano, though he pops immediately back up. Campuzano lands a right hand after pumping two jabs. Campuzano scores again with a flashy high kick. Wineland catches a low kick and lands two rights. Good action early, but MMAjunkie.com gives it to Wineland, 10-9.

Round 2 - Campuzano with an early uppercut. Wineland continues to circle and jab, though Campuzano returning fire. Right hand scores for Wineland, but Campuzano lands one of his own. Low kick for Campuzano. Still a nice pace by both fighters, though Wineland scoring a bit more frequently. Nothing powerful landing, but the points adding up. Wineland with a straight right. Campuzano lands with a pair of low kicks, and those are his best weapons so far. Halfway through the frame. Wineland catches a body kicks and counters, but it's not as successful as the earlier exchanges. Campuzano opening up a bit, but Wineland's speed and head movement are effective. Three-punch combination rocks Campuzano, and WIneland follows to the floor. Wineland pounces with strikes, but Campuzano absorbs the blows and works back to his feet. Campuzano looks woozy, but he throws a few wild knees. Wineland closes in on the cage and unleashes. A massive right to the body drops Campuzano, and a straight right to the jaw seals the result. Eddie Wineland def. Will Campuzano via TKO (strikes) - Round 2, 4:44.
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