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Returned the stakes due to the draw:

Round 1 - Referee Josh Rosenthal in the cage for the main event. Shalorus takes the center, though Varner lands an early right. Varner moving quickly early, but Shalorus connects on a hard low kick. Varner misses a homerun right but comes back with a left. High kick for Varner, and a right lands, too. Flurry from Varner as he avoids the power of his opponent early. Left hand for Shalorus lands. Two minutes in, and Varner lands a right hand. His movement quick early, though Shalorus is standing in the pocket and swinging in return. Two leg kicks for Shalorus, then a third. Varner answers in kind, and a straight right sees Shalorus stumble. Right hand for Varner. Right hand wobbles Shalorus. Varner chases, and Shalorus fires back. Intense action, and when it breaks, Shalorus cheers the action. Shalorus tries a single leg, but Varner escapes. Shalorus kicks to the body. Traded punches from both men, and each just stands and absorbs. Great action early, and MMAjunkie.com sees it for Varner, 10-9.

Round 2 - Shalorus with more low kicks, though one catches Varner a little close to the cup. Varner still throwing hands, though his pace has slowed early. Shalorus catches Varner with a direct shot to the groin, and we take a break. Shalorus apologizes, but he kicks low again early. Varner's leg definitely reddened, but he scores with a few overhands. Shalorus catches Varner low again, and this time he collapses. As Varner writhes in agony, Rosenthal takes a point from Shalorus. On the restart, Varner looks like he may have hurt his right hand. Shalorus not afraid to keep throwing the low kick. Varner throws a high kick that lands and fires several punches. Shalorus again absorbs the shots and cheers. Varner kicks high. Varner leads with a left, and Shalorus returns fire. One minute left. Varne still firing, and Shalorus doing the same. Continued action until the bell. Great action again, and MMAjunkie.com sees it 10-8 Varner with the point deduction.

Round 3 - Both fighters appear to have injured right hands as the final round opens. Shalorus continues the strategy of low kicks, and he scores to the groin again. Varner limping around during the break. Surprisingly, no point deducted. Shalorus continues to kick on the restart, but this time he's keeping it higher. Both fighters jabbing and kicking, unable to use their right hands. Shalorus finally goes to a takedown and sets up in Varner's guard. Varner works a closed guard, and Shalorus tries to throws left hands, though he's throwing open-handed strikes. Varner throws a few elbows. Varner rolls for a kimura briefly, then tries to escape. Shalorus advances to half-mount, but Varner shucks him off and they return to the feet. Not much either can do, and the fight ends to cheers. Exciting, odd action.

Jamie Varner and Kamal Shalorus fight to a split draw (29-27, 27-29, 28-28).

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you're right :( I had only bet 20,000 on Kamal though, a very small fraction of my empire.

I DO give out credits very regularly to guys who ask nicely or I feel deserves them.

As for this fight,
Once again, Varner leaves a fight completely battered, on the verge of another long layoff due to injury, complaining about an outcome along only with the people who bet on him, the rest of the people mostly can't stand him.

I swear, if he didn't talk or convey his emotions the way he does I would be a fan. The stars have alligned though, and I don't like this fighter :(
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