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Fabiano by UD:

Round 1
Wagney shoots in and eats a jumping knee from Gomez. He is not hurt and finishes the takedown. Gomez fights his way up the cage and back to his feet bit is taken back down in the middle of the cage. He lands in side-control and tries to move to mount. Gomez defends and scrambles to his feet. Fabiano jumps into a guillotine and its deep. Gomez frantically tries to break the hold but Fabiano holds on. Gomez finally wriggles off the hook and extricates his head from Fabiano's grasp. Fabiano clinches back up and the round ends. Sherdog.com scores round one for Fabiano 10-9.

Round 2
Gomez lands a hard leg kick to start the second and Fabiano shoots in in response. He struggles but wrangles Gomez to the ground. He isn't there long. Gomez wall walks back to his feet but is sunk in the middle of the cage. Gomez, undeterred slaps on a gogo plata but Fabiano has defends the choke. Fabiano moves to side again and hears the boo birds when the pace slows. Fabiano knees to the body and punches to the head with about one minute left. Fabiano quells the boos for a moment when he gets to knee on belly and opens up with strikes. Gomez shakes him just as the horn sounds. Its another 10-9 round for Fabiano on the Sherdog card.

Round 3
It is one minute in and nary a strike has been thrown. The fighters circle with Gomez in pursuit. Fabiano lands a hard left hand that stops Gomez in his tracks. He then shoots and hits the takedown along the cage. Fabiano moves to side but can't do anything with the position. The crowd is not pleased and let's them know. Boos cascade towards the cage and erupt even louder when the final horn sounds. Fabiano gets the third round as well 10-9 in a stinker.

Result: Wagnney Fabiano def. Frank Gomez via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
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