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Lamas wins in another close dec.:

Round 1 - Referee Kim Winslow makes her first appearance of the night. Lamas dancing around early. Jansen lands a low kick. Lamas very light on his feet early, but Jansen working the low kick. One works the cup, but they restart quickly. Traded punches by both, and Jansen moves into the clinch. Knees traded, but Jansen's are heavier as he pushes in. Jansen changes levels and picks up the left leg. Lamas stays upright and pulls away. Nice low kicks from Lamas, but Jansen answers with punches. Lamas moves away and lands a high kick, but Jansen simply shoots in again. High single again, and Jansen kicks the right leg. Lamas still won't fall. More low kicks from both. Jansen works into another clinch and finally gets the takedown with about 80 seconds left. Lamas gets his back to the cage, but Jansen ties up both legs and prevents him working to the feet. Jansen cranks the neck, but Lamas pulls free and works back to the feet. Traded shots in the clinch. Close round, but MMAjunkie.com sees it for Jansen based on the takedown and control in the clinch.

Round 2 - Jansen fires heavy strikes to open, but Lamas is right there to answer. Lamas shoots in, and Jansen tries to get a guillotine. Lamas backs away, adn Jansen slips on a strike. THis time it's Lamas with the guillotine. He tries to work it standing, but finally releases and lands a knee as he retreats. Jansen with a leaping knee and a straight punch. He tries to secure the neck, but Lamas pulls away. Traded punches in the pocket, and both land. Jansen again gets the takedown. He looks for an arm-in choke momentarily before spinning around to back control. Jansen tries an inverted triangle, and he lands a few shots to the ribs as he hangs upside down. Lamas pushes up and pops out the back. On the feet, and Jansen ducks under a spinning backfist and lands a takedown. They pop immediately back up, and Jansen clinches up and elevates and dumps Lamas to the floor. Lamas immediately latches onto an arm underneath. Jansen defends the kimura, and Lamas transitions. Scramble, and Lamas nearly secures a triangle in the rush. Fun series in the closing seconds. Jansen's face is marked up. Another close round, but MMAjunkie.com gives it to Jansen, 10-9.

Round 3 - Lamas with an impressive early combination. Jansen again shoots in. Lamas hits the mat, but he's immediately sitting up and working for a submission. Lamsas wraps the left hand around the neck, but there's no choke there. Jansen steps around to the back a Lamas tries to work up. Slick transition, and Jansen gets both hooks in. Lamas ties up the arms, but Jansen flattens his opponent out. Jansen has his right hand on the chin. Lamas keeps it tucked, but a few punches forces him to move. Jansen tries to tighten the choke, but Lamas somehow survives, it, spins into the moves and gets his own left hand into a guillotine choke in the scramble. He's high on the topside, and Jansen moves out. Jansen bleeding badly now. Lamas again scrambles up, locks in that guillotine and falls. He can't secure it. Amazing scrambles with blood flowing everywhere. Winslow watching close. Lamas moves to the back, but Jansen spins out and to the top. Lamas tries to sweep, but he can't get it before the round ends. Jansen raises his hands as blood flows down his face. Great final round, and a very good fight that could see some wild scores. MMAjunkie.com sees the final round for Lamas, 10-9, but the fight for Jansen, 29-28. Wouldn't be surprised to see it go either way.Ricardo Lamas def. Dave Jansen via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).
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