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We barely won this won, according to the judges it's Paixao by SD:

Round 1 - Referee Herb Dean in charge of this featherweight contest. Caraway jabs early. He;s got a low stance. Paixao wobbles him with a low kick. Paixao tries to push in, but Caraway shucks him off. Paixao with a spinning kick that misses. Caraway fakes a shot and lands a stiff left. He repeats the move with success.Paixao shoots into the clinch, but Caraway wants no part of it. Caraway pushes off two more takedown attempts. Paixao on his back, and he tries to grab a leg, but Caraway scampers away. Paixao tries to move in with an armdrag. Caraway pushes away and lands a straight punch. Halfway in, but Caraway keeping himself upright at all costs. Caraway again with the fake shot and left hand. He does it again. It's like Paixao kryptonite. Paixao tries again to tie up the arms on the feet, but he is struggling to get this to his domain. Caraway fires an overhand right and looks at the clock. Paixao just misses on a spinning kick. Caraway again with the fake shot and Paixao wobbles back when the left connects. Paixao looks OK seconds later, but he's going to need something else. Caraway shoots in at the 10-second mark, and he finishes there. It's 10-9 Caraway on the MMAjunkie.com card.

Round 2 - Caraway measures his punches. He looks confident. Paixao ducks under a left and gets a bodylock. Caraway remains standing as he's pushed into the cage, but this is Paixao's best chance yet. But Caraway spins of the cage and works fre. Low kick from Paixao.Another fake shot into a left hand for Caraway. Paixao can't help himself. Low kick from Paixao. Another. Caraway tries to catch them, but Paixao lands another hard kick. Halfway in. Paixao lands another low kick, and he shoots behind it. Paixao takes half-mount, but it's only briefly. He moves up, Caraway escapes back to the feet. Caraway lands a jab. Paixao with two leg kicks. Scramble with both fighters jabbing. Caraway stalking. Two punches land for Caraway. Caraway shoots in, but this time he gets trapped in an omo plata. Paixao turns it into an armbar at the bell, but Caraway rolls through it. Fun round. MMAjunkie.com sees it for Caraway based on the effective punches, but it was close.

Round 3 - Caraway again measuring to open. He fakes the shot and throws a right. Paixao now wising up and keeping his hands high. Caraway fires an overhand. Paixao now not falling for the fakes hots, and he lands a stiff low kick. Caraway trying to stay out of Paixao's range. Paixao tries to tie things up, but both fighters are sweaty and Caraway moves away. A second clinch for Paixao but Caraway just backs away. Halfway in. Paixao lands two punches flush. Caraway retreats, and Paixao lands another low kick. Caraway does land another left. Paixao with a low kick, and those continue to score well. Caraway lands a lead left, but another 1-2 for Paixao looks stiff. Caraway moves in and takes the fight to the ground, but he abcks away immediately. Paixao tries again to pick the ankle, but Caraway escapes. Caraway retreating on the feet. Paixao pushing forward in the closing seconds. Crowd cheers as the final flurries unfold. Nice action to end. MMAjunkie.com sees the strikes from Paixao taking the round, 10-9, but awards the fight to Caraway, 29-28. Fredson Paixao def. Bryan Caraway via split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28).
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