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Jorgenson wins by UD in a helluva fight:

Round 1 - Referee Kim Winslow in the cage. Pickett jabs early, and Jorgensen answers. Stiff punches change hands. Jorgensen kicks low, and Pickett drops him with a straight. Into the clinch, and Pickett is blasted by a straight. Heavy hands early from both. Pickett pushes into the clinch, but Jorgensen defends well and they separate. Pace settles a bit after frantic open. Jorgensen shoots in on a single leg. It works, but Pickett pops back up. Straight right for Jorgensen. Pickett moving well to create openings. Uppercut for Pickett, and a 1-2 follows. Jorgensen scores and Pickett retreats while pushing his mouthpiece in. Pickett refains his composure and fires back. Unbelievable chins and action. Jorgensen shoots in. Pickett grabs a guillotine as he falls, but Jorgensen passes immediately to side control. Pickett works back to his feet. Pickett back on the attack, but Jorgensen countering well. Leaping knee from Pickett. Pickett moving forward, but Jorgensen there to answer evert time. Outstanding first round that MMAjunkie.com awards to Pickett, 10-9

Round 2 - Pickett the aggressor early. His boxing remains crisp after a fast-paced first round. Jorgensen absorbs the shots. Pickett just a little quicker right now, though Jorgensen is game as he returns fire. Nice counter from Jorgensen catches Pickett's attention. Pickett with a jab, but Jorgensen sends his mouthpiece flying with a right hand. No matter this time. He keeps fighting. Winslow picks up the mouthpiece. No rinse. Quick break to put it back in and they restart. Pickett shoots in, but Jorgensen sprawls. Pickett throws a low knee, and there's a quick restart. Pickett again on the attack, and he scores in a flurry. Jorgensen answers right back. This is top-notch entertainment - toe-to-toe slugging. Jorgensen takes the fight to the floor, and Pickett grabs guard. Jorgensen lands a few short punches from the top, and an elbow comes down. Pickett tries to answer from underneath, and he kicks his legs high at just the right moment. Triangle close, but he can't secure. Scramble back to the feet. Traded punches to the bell. Another spirited round. MMAjunkie.com gives it to Jorgensen, 10-9.

Round 3 - Pickett's left eye bruised badly, but he's game. Both fighters punching again early. Pickett with several nice punches, but Jorgensen there to answer every time Both fighters have gas in the tank and are ready to throw. Jorgensen shoots in. Pickett defends well, but a second effort sees him on his back 90 seconds in. Pickett with a slick transition from triangle to armbar back to triangle. Jorgensen feels it all and defends and returns to the feet. Halfway in. Both guys trading shots in this 135-pound version of a "Rocky" movie. Jorgensen gets underneath and works the fight again to the floor. Pickett again threatening from the bottom, but Jorgensen alertly moves out to the side. Jorgensen lands a few knees to the body. He's controlling the positioning with one minute left. Pickett scrambling underneath. He works to his feet and tries to roll, but Jorgensen's grip is secure and he slams Pickett to the floor. Pickett sweeps to the top in the closing seconds, but Jorgensen holds tight until the bell. MMAjunkie.com sees the final round for Jorgensen, 10-9, and gives him the fight, 29-28. Scott Jorgensen def. Brad Pickett via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).
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