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It would be a case of redemption for fighters who work hard and play by the rules if Anderson were stripped of the title.

It's very unlikely to happen, however. Anderson's already put on two crap-ola fights prior to this one, and Dana still had the gall to proclaim him and promote him as the greatest fighter in the world P4P.

As far as any speculation about "free" PPV's; I don't think that's going to happen either. Dana already has free fight nights in the works on Versus in the future, as well as numerous Fight Nights scheduled. He could easily upgrade the card on one or several of these upcoming shows as an "apology" for this stinker of a main event.

Don't expect any early Christmas presents from Dana. He's a lot more likely to try to prosecute a working class stiff for watching a stream than he is to refund $60 to half a million people. I mean, come on, this is reality!
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