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Myself like many other people who train take a one week break every three weeks of training to get some rest etc. Well I was just looking out for some ideas on what to do during my one week period of rest, I must admit I hate it when I don't work out but then again my body needs the rest before summer break starts(exactly a week away).

So what do you guys do to keep feeling in shape during your rest periods? I was thinking it would still be okay to run like 4-5 days a week, like every other day as I can then still get a cardio workout and still remain in shape. Might try some sort of yoga as well as that helps recover and relax muscles and such, who knows.

So post some ideas what I can do on my weeks off as usually before I didn't do much or just ran.

Thanks! And oh by the way I have finals starting Wednesday and go through Friday so nothing too time consumptive please.
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