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What Up?

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Just wanted to say hello. New to MMA and to this forum. I'm a late comer. I happened on this site looking for UFC and Pride forums.

I didn't want to go to 24 hour to exercise (I still go there for cardio:eek: ), decided that MMA training is a better way to loose the spare tire around my waist:D . Been doing the training for 2 months.

I must be going through a midlife crissis:cheeky4: . Wife and kids support my decision and my Doc says its OK.

After I build up more strength I want start the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, currently working out with striking and fight fitness training. Hopefully get in the ring soon.

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Welcome to the mma world.Hope the fighting thing works for you.There's nothing like a good workout of pounding on something.
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