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It was supposed to be the DREAM light heavy tournament but after that got cancelled i have no idea.
The event was originally going to be the 1st Round of the 2010 Light Heavyweight Grandprix, however when Dream's Korea event fell through, the May 29th event was renamed Dream 14. They basically just moved it because some fighter's weren't available like Denis Kang and Hong Man Choi.

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Gegard would be smart if he trained more in montreal with GSP and his crew and maybe perhaps go down to New Mexico with Team Jackson or something like that.

Or he could do what rich fighters like AA do and just spend a few months here, a few months there etc etc

whereever he goes, he needs top wrestlers there and he needs to work with them constantly.

im sure many an elite wrestler would exchange TDD knowledge for striking knowledge etc with Gegard.

he has alot of options and nothing but time. if he chooses wisely he will be a force in 4 years.

The way MMA is set up and judged in North America you CANNOT be a one trick pony.... unless that trick is TDs and control. Two things Gegard needs to work on both sides of, offensively and defensively.

alot of times its easier to become the offensive TD guy like GSP did with his career then become a TDD guy like Chuck was.

TD offensive is often the best TDD.
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