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Which style?

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I'm 36, never taken any type of martial arts. Spent most of my life in extreme snow skiing, mountain biking, skateboarding, bodybuilding and so forth, so I know alot about diet. But I know almost nothing about fighting styles - I just know I love watching it (have been since UFC 1) and probably wouldn't have spent so much time in juvenile hall as a kid if I had the discipline that came from participating in a martial art or fighting camp.

I have 3 very active sons and I am thinking about starting them, along with myself, in some type of program. Locally we have several different style available, including krav maga. What are your opinions on what I should do? I sort of like the mix of krav maga and judo as a start.
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judo is great dont know much about karv. you might also wanna look into jiu jitsu. judo is going to become used more often in mma with the success of karo (thats what i think)
are you intrested in sport or selfdefence?

krav maga is good if you want to learn self defense, but not for competition.

judo/jiu jitsu is good for sport and selfdefence. BJJ mainly focuses on groundfighting, that is good for competition. Most of the other JJ syles (that I know of) focuses on selfdefence from standup possition.

As for diseplin and how effectiv what you learn is in real situations depends alot on what trainer you got.

Most gyms gives you a free lesson to try out the art, so go around to the diffrent martial arts gyms and try them out, you'll soon find out whats the right for you :)
Great idea Nerd, thanks!

Yellow Man...yeah, over the years I have noticed that those fighters that cannot be taken down by shooting can usually be taken down via a judo throw. So, I agree, I think Judo will become used more as MMA still evolves.
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