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Who do you think will win it?

  • Bisping

    Votes: 11 61.1%
  • Forbes

    Votes: 1 5.6%
  • Hamill

    Votes: 3 16.7%
  • Haynes

    Votes: 1 5.6%
  • Nickels

    Votes: 2 11.1%

Who do you think will be TUF LHW winner?

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Who do you think will be TUF LHW winner?
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I don't know. Matt's wrestling looks pretty scary, i just wanna see who they brought back to the show before i make a call.
I am worried that Matt wont hear a tap and he'll just beat the pulp out of the other guy. They say his jiu-jitsu is improving alot, so he wont be restricted to the grounndnpound and heavy slams.
I definitely think that he has one of the best chances if not the best chance. His wrestling background gives him a great base and he does seem eager to learn the sport and get better and better. Even if he doesn't win the TUF competition, I believe he will be a force in the UFC once he get's past being hit for the first time.

For some reason I would like to see him fight Ortiz in a couple years.
You probably like the student v. teacher idea. Matt does seem interested in jiu-jitsu, my only worry is that he'll rush into a takedown against a good striker and get KO'd.

As far as the middleweights go, i like Ed. I've seen him fight in person and he knows how to beat guys down.
it seems that they are scared of matt and scared of ed.
my two bets
I'm not so sure about Matt.I'm not so sure he has the respect for the others fighters that he should have.We'll see whether or not he can take a punch next week against Mike Nichols.In wrestling there's no knee coming to your face when you're charging and the tendancy to drop the face when trying to throw someone can get you hurt.I guess we find out next week.To all you wrestlers I said some not all drop their face in a fight.
Yeah, he didn't have to deal with punches and knees on takedowns as a wrestler.

But this isn't his MMA debut. I'm sure he knows how not to get knocked out. I don't really think mike stands a chance, just like Danny doesn't stand a chance against Ed. (but those are my personal feelings about tae-kwon-do)

I'm more worried about the second round.
While matts wrestling is pretty dominant i still think that bisping can beat him and take this competition. but definatly its either matt or bisping
I like Matt alright but From what I have seen he is an all wrestler. I'm not sure he can take a puch. I don't think he will win the championship. We'll see.
i think matt has the capibilties to win the contract. although at the moment bisping is the beast. and jesse is also a good wrestler.
but if matt keeps training he can win.
I don't know, but just the fact that so many people voted for Bisping shows that they like standup alot more than they like the groundnpound.

I'm not sure if Bisping's guard will be good enough to stand up to Matt's wrestling skills, but we'll just have to wait and see.
Go Bisping..... hope it comes down to him and hamill, and bisping gets some sweet justice
I like Bisping too, he stays kind of low key and doesn't talk much smack at all. It's the guys that that stay quiet which seem to be the ones that hold up the best, take Cummo from last season for example.

I also liked Matt from the beginning but my confidence in him was shaken after last week's mediocre performance.
I think Bisping is the more likeable fighter, but I still think that Hamill is the better one. His ground game is going to be awesome, assuming that he's not injured.
acenumber2 said:
bisping will win this class.....
This is what people keep saying, but Bisping has never fought an Olympic wrestler before. I matt Hamill comes in at the top of his game, it will be the best fight of the whole season by far.

I like Bisping and I think that if he wins he will be a great UFC competitor, but as long as Iceman holds the title, he won't even come close to being the best brawler in the lightheavyweights.
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