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Who Is The Greatest Legend Of Them All

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Who Is The Greatest Legend Od The 5 I Have Chosen After You Have Choses Can You Please Post Your Reason For The Choice You Made This Should Be Intrestin
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I dont see a poll i quess that what your going for. Greatest of all time is a hard one. Since i dont get to watch alot of fights my first choice would have to be....(going to look up some names)
the reason i picked shamrock is cos he was there from the beggining and he has gone from being a simple shoot fighter to being a mma fighter he has devolped with the sport and is still competing with todays best he has the heart of a lion and i consider hm to be the greatest hall of famer
the reason i didnt include dan severn is cos he had a short run in the ufc and i only wanted the best soz to eny fans of his
i know tank isnt the best but he is my favorite fighter
Looking at that list theres only one maybe two. Ken, as some said already hes been there a long time, or The Natural whoes semms to only fight the best there is.
iceman574 said:
the reason i didnt include dan severn is cos he had a short run in the ufc and i only wanted the best soz to eny fans of his
I wouldn't have put Dan Severn because both Shamrock and Gracie kicked his ass. These guys are all legends for different reasons:

Ken Shamrock- Considered the World's Most Dangerous Man and one of the most dominant heavyweights in MMA for 10 years.
Royce Gracie- The winner of the first 3 (or was it 4) UFCs and the greatest ground fighter of his generation. He has only lost twice in his MMA carreer.
Randy Couture- He's the natural and the coach of Team Quest, also the only fighter ever to be both the Heavyweight and Lightheavyweight champ.
Evan Tanner- Considered the greatest middleweight in the history of the UFC, he is the most dominant freestyle fighter in the history of MMA middleweights.
Tank Abbott- Legendary for his bad-ass persona and strength (once video-taped benchpressing 600 lbs, the video clip is below). He claimed a street-fighting record of 445-5, and I believe it.

http://youtube.com/watch?v=ks0Aaa4-lmg&search=Tank Abbott benchpress
Frye's good, but he shouldn't make this list.
Randy Couture. He's so good. Was so good. And will be so good for a little while longer.
I have to go with couture also. I am not sure, but I think he is the only man to hold heavyweight and light heavyweight titles.....really shows how versatile of a fighter to be able to match strength with the big boys, and match the speed of the light heavyweights.
W.Silva, Shogun, Rampage Jackson, Chuck Liddell, Tito Ortiz, Fedor
And new guys im cheering for are

Dave Terrell
that would be coo if rampage would come to ufc..u ever think he will? Yea i like forest too did u see the tito forest match?
Ye it was awsome

On my other MMA site some guy had a link it saidd Rampage was coming to UFC.
sweet i would love a rematch with him and liddell, yea that was a good fight tito and forest had
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