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Originally Posted by lll000000lll
who would you like to see fight in each weight class?

for me it has to be:

Heavyweight: Brandon Vera vs. Rashad Evans

Light heavyweight: Michael Bisping vs. Forrest Griffin

Middle weight: Mike Swick vs. Robbie Lawler

Welter weight: Joe Riggs Vs. Diego Sanchez


1.) Brandon Vera

2.) Michael Bisping, but Griffin would definetly suprise him

3.) Robbie Lawler

4.) Diego sanchez, but i think Riggs would f*ck up his face a bit.

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If we're only allowed UFC fighters

(winners in bold)

Vera vs Monson
Kongo vs AA


Forrest vs Bisping
Babalu vs Ortiz
Bisping vs Sakara
Babalu vs Big Jon MacCarthy
Bisping vs Chuck


Rich vs Marquardt
Loiseau vs Silva
Herman vs Starnes
Grove vs Riggs II
Leben vs Swick II
Koscheck vs Leben II

Hughes vs GSP II
Sanchez vs Koscheck II
Sanchez vs Penn/Hughes/GSP
Koscheck vs Parisyan
Diaz vs Alessio


Stevenson vs Sherk
Pulver vs Penn II
Franca vs Florian
Florian vs Yves

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lol big John McCarthy
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