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Heavyweight: Cheik Kongo Vs Andre Arvloski(sp?)

Light Heavyweight: Chuck Liddell Vs Tito Ortiz, useing all of his wrestling skills.

Middleweight: Mike Swick Vs Nate Marquet, Nate Vs Rich Franklin

Welterweight: Matt Hughes Vs Diego Sanchez (i'm running out of people that say could beat diego! lol, but i also think these 2 match up perfect, Matt would win probably out of better grappling, wrestling and probably little better stand up possibly, just a better vet.)

Lightweight: Sean Sherk vs Joe Stevenson Or if i can choose him
Sean Sherk vs Gomi!

If i had to choose 1 to watch it'd either be the WW or the LW fight. I think both of those 2 fights match up pretty damn good.
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