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Wieght class discussion

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Does anyone think there is a fighter that can beat Sean sherk at 150lbs. I dont believe there is anyone who can even come close. That includes homminik, yves, anyone who is fighting in feather weight in tko. No one will beat him.
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He is going to be a very solid lightweight, but I'm going to save judgement until his first fight at 155. I have no idea what he is going to fight like with such a loss of muscle.
Sean sherk never cuts weight. Because he's so short he only has to lose like 6 lbs. He's fought lots at that weight in EC and ICC. That's his weight. their just isn't really a catagory for him so he fights welterwieght. He announced he'll stay there because of the sudden popularity of that weight class. He won't lose any muscle because he won't have to drop that much. He has always been fighting bigger guys. I've seen his feather weight fights but thay haven't really been against anyone really good.
I would like to see him fight Joe Stevenson. I think that would be a quality matchup. Sherk would most likely win, but a think that it would be very solid fight from start to finish.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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