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Yea that video is pimp for two reasons. 1) Cuz I took TKD for 9 years and love watching that stuff and 2) my cousin's band Static-X is playing the theme for the vid...hell yea!

If someone could be great at BJJ and TKD they would dominate UFC. I love when fighters use TKD in their fights like St. Pierre, Ace, Crow, Bonnar, and now FEDOR! Yea, Fedor is now focusing a lot of attention on TKD! Can't wait to see him use some...I think it would be awesome if you saw a UFC fighter come out to the octagon and just start kicking the shit outta his opponent like the people in this vid. It would be so unexpected he might throw his opponent off doing that shit and pull off a win using just TKD...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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