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R1: Volkmann ducks in for a takedown that Beerbohm sees coming, but Volkmann persists when connected; Beerbohm pushes him into the cage and hits a nice ankle pick to sit Volkmann down. Beerbohm still using Volkmann's left ankle for leverage on a low single and Volkmann reaches over and cradles Beerbohm's left leg to reverse position. Beerbohm tries to scramble out but Volkmann tries to tie on a rear-naked choke and Beerbohm stops scrambling to fight it off.

Volkmann clings to back mount, Beerbohm shakes him half-off, Volkmann regains the position and then Beerbohm finally scoots free and back to his feet. He stays connected, however, in pursuit of a double that Volkmann defends with an under-hook and a wide stance. The ref splits them up but they quickly resume in almost the exact same position. 10-9 for Volkmann's lengthy back control.

R2: Beerbohm walks Volkmann down and lands a short uppercut before they lock horns with Beerbohm pressing Volkmann on the cage. Volkmann gets in guillotine position, more to discourage the takedown attempt than to submit. Beerbohm drops for a double anyway and Volkmann uses the head control to keep him at bay. Beerbohm's got him back on the fence and landing short knees to the thigh while Volkmann goes back to the guillotine defense.

We spend a full minute in this position with mutual knees to the body and not much else. The referee steps in with a minute left but once again they just gravitate back to the same position. Volkmann lands a light left kick on the break. 10-10 round for even (scarce) offense on both sides.

R3: "Fancy Pants" comes out more aggressive with his punches but he's taken down a half-minute in and Volkmann scrambles quickly to back control. Beerbohm can't spin out and Volkmann falls to his back with the body triangle cinched, fishing for a rear-naked choke. Beerbohm hand-fights the choke and tries to scramble free, and this scenario plays out for the entire breadth of the frame. 10-9 Volkmann, giving him a 30-28 score on my card overall.

The judges have it 29-28 and 30-27 twice for Jacob Volkmann, who defeats Lyle Beerbohm by unanimous decision.
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