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Ray Sefo vs. Dave Huckaba -- Heavyweight bout

R1: Huckaba wisely kicks in some lateral motion right off the bat. Sefo unlatches a quick left high kick that Huckaba blocks. Dainty leg kick from Huckaba. Spinning back fist from Sefo that Huckaba barely dodges. Nice two-piece combo from Huckaba from Sefo nearly times him with a lightning-fast counter hook.

Sefo digs in with a low kick that Huckaba to visibly wince. Then another, and a third. Make it four. Huckaba clinches up on Sefo's follow-up right hand; Sefo gets double underhooks and spins off the fence. Huckaba puts him back on the cage and heaves a horizontal elbow and a beautiful uppercut elbow afterwards. Huckaba looks for the takedown but Sefo cleverly reverses it and passes to half-guard and then side control, but doesn't have enough time to work. 10-9 Sefo.

R2: Sefo uncorks a spinning back kick that lands to the midsection, then again just misses with an ill-intentioned counter. Sefo chips a one-two and adds a high kick that partially lands, and Huckaba gets all jazzed up about it and hurls some bombs in the pocket. Perhaps coming to his senses, Huckaba changes gears and shoots a double-leg, then shows good sportsmanship by waiting for the ref to identify the unintentional knee he landed low on Sefo.

They restart after a short pause and Huckaba stays with his gutsy strategy of trading in the phone booth, landing a few big punches and more cleaving elbows, and doing phenomenally well considering his opponent. Sefo separates and starts chopping away with low kicks from the fringe again. Sefo ducks under Huckaba's hook for a half-hearted double that's stuffed, which is a bizarre sign that Huckaba might be getting the better end of the stand up with his powerful infighting. Sefo whiffs on a big high kick and Huckaba deftly sneaks in behind and blasts Sefo with heavy leather, rocking him. Huckaba flurries while Sefo covers up on wobbly legs, inspiring the ref to step in.

Dave Huckaba defeats Ray Sefo by TKO (punches), Round 2.
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