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Gesias "JZ" Cavalcante vs. Tyson Griffin -- Lightweight bout

R1: JZ takes the center and doubles up on a jab to keep the shorter Griffin at bay. This time JZ adds on a right cross to his double jab but Griffin ducks under and backs him off with a crisp counter-combo. Griffin sits down on a straight right as JZ shrinks the gap and then uncorks a right and left hook with his back on the fence to stave off JZ's clinch attempt. Again Griffin heaves a quick and heavy right when JZ closes range and his ferocity in tight quarters is keeping JZ hesitant.

High kick from Grffin, then a front kick, who keeps dancing left and right and then stinging JZ in the phone booth. Griffin explodes with a clean three-punch combo and is changing levels nicely on his counters. This time Griffin shoots a double on the level change but JZ is able to stave it off. Griffin times a double just as JZ comes forward and gets it with just a few seconds left on the clock. 10-9 Griffin for the more effective striking.

R2: JZ comes out swinging and forces Griffin into a defensive takedown when he runs out of real estate. JZ gets head control and sprawls out, and the referee inexplicably warns and then separates the fighters in the front headlock after a few seconds of inactivity. JZ stays on the hunt and chases after Griffin with punches. JZ lands a high kick that causes Griffin to wobble to motions to the crowd that it was merely a slip.

Griffin lands his signature side-stepping low kick after setting it up well with his hands. JZ whiffs with a high kick. Griffin now starting to slice uppercuts in light of JZ's aggressive forward movement, and eventually slows the Brazilian down a little, but JZ just seems to be busier with output, pace and slightly with overall effectiveness. 10-9 JZ.

R3: JZ lands a power double on a Griffin low kick and kicks in his high-paced top game. He threatens to pass and then takes Griffin's back with his hooks halfway in, but it doesn't matter as Griffin is flattened out and eating a hail of short punches. JZ holds a strong headlock and fires off punches, and the referee jumps in and stops the fight ... perhaps a bit prematurely. Well, in my opinion, it was too early but begrudgingly acceptable, as Griffin was curiously static at the tail end of the flurry.

JZ Cavalcante defeats Tyson Griffin by TKO (punches), Round 3.
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