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He finally won and I guess we all knew it was coming here.

Fitch edges out Alfaya, Gaethje dominates Lauzon

It didn't come easy for Jon Fitch, but he did earn a much-needed win over Marcelo Alfaya.

As the bout opened, Fitch looked for an early takedown, but it was Alfaya who turned the tables and brought the action to the floor. As Fitch scrambled, Alfaya transitioned beautifully to the back and trapped his opponent's left arm in a figure-four. Fitch calmly worked his arm free, but Alfaya remained firm on the back, where he hunted for submission attempts until the final seconds of the frame.

Fitch didn't make the same mistake in the second, instead taking the fight down right away. However, a gritty Alfaya quickly reversed the position and again moved to the back. However, scrambled immediately to his feet, and they went to work on the feet. Alfaya nearly scrambled to the back again, but Fitch scrambled free and started to find some success with his hands. As Alfaya seemed to tire, Fitch showed good head movement and tagged his opponent with several significant blows.

Fitch abandoned the takedown game in the third round, instead favoring a sprawl-and-brawl attack. It was a wise choice, as Fitch was able to remain upright and use crisp boxing to snap his opponent's head back. With time winding down, Fitch floored Alfaya in a flurry and outworked him until the final bell.

In the end, Fitch did enough to earn a split-decision win, and he later said he felt confident he had done enough to win the fight.

"I was fairly confident I did enough," Fitch said. "I did a lot of damage, a lot of striking, a lot of stuff on top. He was able to control a lot of positions on me, which I wasn't expecting. He was really strong, but I don't think it was enough to win a fight."
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