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Who do you dislike in PRIDE? Who do you like in PRIDE? Post it here!

Fighters I dislike in PRIDE:
Dan Henderson-Over rated. Don't see what is so good about him. He's definitely not the best middleweight in the world today. Put him in the ring with the real best middleweight Rich Franklin and he'll get knocked out by Rich Franklin the way Quarry was. And plus there are about three middleweights in PRIDE who could beat Dan Henderson. I also hate every Team Quest fight except Randy Couture.

And thats about it.

Fighters I like in PRIDE:
Fedor Emelianenko
Mauricio Rua
Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
Mirko Filipovic
Denis Kang
Ricardo Arona
Quinton Jackson (gotta love him)
Mark Hunt
Josh Barnett
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