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I wanted to take a quick sec to just point out to all our wonderful members that our staff has gone above and beyond for the UFC 112 event. They are ALL worth noting and sending some rep!!!


As we speak they are busting their tails to make sure that there are threads to discuss post event for those that have seen and also PROTECTING the ability of the rest of our family to se and recive the news live on their terms...

I assure you there has been alot of effort put into making everyone's opportunity to see for themselves, without someone ruining it...Keep in mind this is all being done while simultanious maintanence of the board and events like CPL and FFL are going opn as well along with many others....RESPECT

Spoiler Tags guys...as you saw from M_D's post he and Tra and the rest of the staff are doing a great job.....rep you all when I can.....:thumbsup:
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